©Miha Mohoric

Documentary film in development

trailer: https://vimeo.com/301532356/843d87a56f

Mišo, a member of a Roma voluntary Fire brigade, who recently converted from Christianity to Islam is striving with his fellow firefighters to become equal to other firefighters brigade and integrate into Slovenian society.

production: Sagar kolektiv
coproduction: Jaka produkcija (Croatia)
producer: Franci Kokalj
directors: Miha Mohoric, Tina Glavic Novak
DOP: Miha Mohoric


The film features 26-year-old Mišo, who is a proud volunteer firefighter of the Roma Firefighters brigade Pušca, a small community in the North-east Slovenia. He is a husband of Mirsada and a father of two small children. Despite the opposition of Mirsada's family that is of Muslim background, Mirsada and Mišo got married. In hopes that he would be accepted by her family, he converted from Christianity to Islam. He has been an active member of the Pušca voluntary firefighter association since its very beginning. Next to his family, membership in the fire brigade means everything to him. He is struggling with his fellow firemen to become as efficient and recognized as the other Slovenian firefighting associations are. Besides that, he is also struggling his own personal issues, to prove himself as a brave firefighter, which is sometimes not easy.
Most of the equipment owned by Pušca firefighter is either worn out or obsolete. As a status symbol of every firefighting community in Slovenia, their fire truck, a Mercedes-Benz from 1977, presents one aspect of inequality that Roma firefighters and the Roma community as such is facing. While the Slovenian firefighters regularly change their equipment and their vehicles, Roma firemen must use what they have. Trying to prove themselves, they are attending the firefighter’s competitions, but most of the time end up the last. As Roma people in Slovenia, they are not only struggling to be integrated as a group, but also as individuals. Mišo is experiencing a personal identity transformation; as a member of the Roma community in the Slovenian society, as a Roma firefighter who wants equality, and as someone who is changing his personal religious identity. The film shows all the challenges that Mišo must face and how his transformation affects his personal life and the lives of his loved ones.