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Kitchen Stories
"documentary film, 50 min, Russia"
Director: Miha Mohoric
Camera: Miha Mohoric, Nina Behek
Producer: Miha Cernec
Production: Staragara
Financed by: Slovenian Film Fund
Co-producers: RTV Slovenia, Sagar Kolektiv


6 stories from 6 people living in 6 different places in Russia. Black and white documentary film is about simple Russian people and their simple everyday stories. All the stories are being told in the protagonists kitchens, since kitchen in Russia represent the heart and the soul of every house. The goal of the film is to break common stereotypes that west world have about Russian people. Main protagonists were given total freedom regarding choosing the topic for their story. Their topic selection and the way stories were told shows a lot about Russian society and about the way people live in today's mother Russia.


Russia, 2016 - 2020